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Title Director Title Director
A Matter of Fact - AFI (Starring)
1st Place Winner in its category.
Eduardo Bosch “Blackie” Sawyer - LAPD (Starring)
2nd Place in USA competition.
James Bultema
The Killer Shine - AFI (Starring) Bruce Blair    
Night Ranger - AFI (Starring) Craig Serling TELEVISON  
She Was My Home - AFI (Starring) Margaret Hussey Renegade (Co-Starring) R. Marvin
Behind My Lover’s Back - AFI (Starring) Michael Couto America’s Most Wanted (Starring) Haig Mackey
Acquisition of Death (Starring) Dave Gambino P.M. Magazine (Starring in Featured Fantasy) Jeanne Miller
Tracks in Time (Starring) Rhett Kniep    
Life Stinks (One Scene) Mel Brooks THEATRE  
Long Way Back (One Scene) Ralph Portillo Lone Star (Roy) D.J. Sullivan
The Target (Also Starring) George Pan-Andreas Cobwebs on the Carriage (Mike) Ginny White
The Silk Garter Club (Starring) Marty Taras Say Goodnight, Gracie (Jerry) D.J. Sullivan
Star Prison (Also Starring) Lin Sten After the Fall (Quentin) D.J. Sullivan
Blood Games (Supporting) Tanya Rosenthal Crimes of the Heart (DOC) D.J. Sullivan
Terror In Beverly Hills (Supporting) John Myhers Hamlet (Hamlet) Dr. Wismer
Rover (Starring) Chris Richards The Visit Cecil Johnson